July 2017 Visit to Chigirin, Ukraine

On July 1 and 2, Phil went with a translator and a young friend to the Cherkassy oblast (state) in Ukraine for ministry. We spent the most time in the town of Chigirin, which is about 4 hours from Krivoy Rog, and did some fun things there as well. A few of the young people met us and spent time with us Saturday evening and then two young men went with us Sunday morning to the museum.

Chigirin is located close to the Dnieper River and about 4 hours north of Krivoy Rog

Chigirin is an important historic site because in the mid 1600's, it became the capital of the Cossack leader. This area later became known as Ukraine. The Cossack leader and hero of the day was General Bogdan Khmelnytsky. After the end of the Russo-Turkish War in 1681, the town gradually diminished in significance.

A statue honoring their hero stands on a hill overlooking the town.

It was a climb to reach the statue, but what a view waited for us there!

We even saw a fire in the distance

Closer shots of the statue...

Some things we saw as we walked around the park that evening...

And some shots of us...

Guess who the tourist is? I forgot they put Vitya's hat on my head for a bit.

Here we are by the shores of the Dnieper River. We drove here for a swim, but that did not last long, as the weather changed drastically and quickly. We watched lightning and listened to thunder in the distance for a while. The temperature went from about 85 degrees to 68 degrees in less than an hour and it started to rain. They devoured this pan of chocolate chip cookie bars that Denise made in less time than that.

On Sunday morning we went to the museum that displays many artifacts from Cossack history and information about General Bogdan and his family.

While ministry is always the first priority (preached 3 times that weekend), it is always fun to see more of and to learn more about the places that we visit.